Spoonfed In The Sunday Times
Mon, 5/07/10 – 12:54 | One Comment

There’s been some frantic goings on at Spoonfed towers over the last few months and now it looks like all this hard work is starting to pay off.
Yesterday we all clambered out of bed extra …

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Amina K Spring/Summer 2011 open day
Written by - Monday, 11 Apr, 2011 – 14:33 | No Comment

The ‘West’ has been fascinated with an area of the world they call ‘The Orient’ for… pretty much ever. One of the most distinctive styles of dress is that of the Orient with …

Love Espadrilles
Written by - Monday, 2 Aug, 2010 – 17:06 | 3 Comments
Love Espadrilles

It was whilst on holiday in Granada some years ago that – unbeknownst to me at the time – I first came across what I have since learned is known to all and sundry as …

Manly Masterclasses, Sketch
Written by - Tuesday, 25 May, 2010 – 17:29 | No Comment
Manly Masterclasses, Sketch

“Manners maketh man.” So said William of Wykeham apparently, the eminent old Bishop and builder of various things in the fourteenth century. But many other things go into making a man, not just manners. Tailoring …

Get Spoonfed London Fashion Week
Written by - Wednesday, 20 Jan, 2010 – 11:29 | No Comment
Get Spoonfed London Fashion Week

Yesterday Spoonfed launched a new mini-site all about London Fashion Week! Keep up to date with all the goings on from the catwalks of London Fashion Week!

Melbourne Op Shop Tour Comes to London
Written by - Friday, 20 Nov, 2009 – 14:07 | No Comment
Melbourne Op Shop Tour Comes to London

How come some people can walk into a charity shop and come out looking like Kate Moss while I wander into my local Scope and pick out a dress that is better suited to my …